GT Krush Rebel Lease

Lea Waldhoff

20 maart 2002

I ride my bike since I’m 6 years old and I absolutely fell in love with it. In the past years I road a lot of track races aswell but my heart is on the road. What is really special on cycling is that you meet a lot of amazing people all over the world how love the same you love. Next to cycling im Studying premier school teacher with the subjects German, Biology and sports in Weingarten/Germany. I really like to be with people so I’m really exited to work as a teacher soon. I also enjoy to do different kind of sports to get in shape for the season.



What I like the most on the road is that it’s so multifaceted. You can go easy but you can also go to your limit. My speciality are hard races with some short hills where you push all out for a few minutes.

In training I also really like to ride hills because I do live near to the hills and I think nature rewards you with a wonderful view. I also really enjoy that cycling is a teamsport where everyone is working together and pushing each other to the best version of themselves.



I think for the upcoming season there is a lot to learn. We have some older and some younger riders and everyone has had experiences that you can learn from. I’m sorry exited and happy to be in the team.


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